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Premises Injuries
When people are injured in a home or public area due to improperly placed materials such as furniture, construction equipment, liquids spilled on the floor, or negligently maintained road services or walkways, they may be entitled to compensation. People, companies or governmental agencies should be held responsible for harm that occurs on property they fail to maintain in the proper condition to make it safe for those who enter.
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How do Premises Injuries Occur?

One of the most common premises liability situations occurs when a customer slips on a puddle of liquid in a store or other public area. Another common situation is when a member of the public is injured by a defect on a public sidewalk or roadway, or in a building where staiars or floors have not been maintained. In these cases, it would seem clear that the entity responsible for maintaining the premises should be held legally responsible to the injured party.

We all have a duty not to expose other people to unnecessary harmful situations. For those who are in charge of a property that is open to the public, that duty is increased many times over. Those who profit from opening their property to the public or who hold themselves out as keeping it safe must make it safe.  

Holding property owners and caretakers financially liable for harm caused by negligent care makes them more careful about the safety of their premises. A little extra caution in maintaining public areas can result in much better safety for all.

​​What should I do if I am injured on someone's premises?​​

     *Unless your accident was completely minor and you are sure you have no injuries, head straight for the         nearest Emergency Room or your family doctor for examination.

     *Get recommended treatment. Use your health insurance or auto policy medpay to pay. This ensures  that you will not suffer damage to your credit score due to unpaid medical bills.
     *Organize and prepare all relevant medical, police, damage and health records.

     *Speak with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to determine the best course of action.
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