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Severance Negotiation
We receive many calls from employees who believe that they have been treated unfairly by their employers and are seeking some type of litigation against them on the basis of wrongful termination or illegal treatment. Most employment relationships are at-will, and as such we often find that the problem does not rise to the level of being illegal. In these cases we find that the best solution is simply for the employee to try to negotiate a settlement with the company by which the employee can leave the company on a mutually satisfactory basis, with dignity and reputation intact and financial resources to move to the next phase of their employment. 

What is Severance Negotiation?

It is important to understand that "unfair" treatment is not the same as "illegal" treatment. It is often true that employees are treated unfairly, but in many cases the treatment does not rise to being "illegal." For example, an employee may be fired for little or no reason after many years of productive and loyal service, but unless the firing is discriminatory in nature or violates a particular law, it may not be illegal. In fact this situation happens on a regular basis. Sometimes the employment relationship simply runs its course and it becomes time for an employee to move on. In that situation it may be best for an employee to work with the employer in an amicable manner in order to come up with a satisfactory method by which the employee can move on to the next employment situation. A negotiation takes place intended to provide the employee with the resources and time to find new employment or a new living situation, including a fair amount of severance compensation and perhaps an extension of health insurance and other benefits that are not an actual part of the employee's contract but can be negotiated with the employer. p ye to tr nt with the c       

When is it best to choose Severance Negotiation over Litigation?

In the majority of cases in which employees have a problem with their employer, we find that the case does not rise to the level of being illegal. In such cases we do not believe that filing a claim against the employere will provide a good result, and the best solution is simply for the employee to try to get out of an unpleasant situation by negotiating a settlement with the employer. There are many benefits to ending an employment relationship in this manner. First of all, the employee may be provided with the finances and opportunity to move on to the next employment situation without fear of reprisals or the bad reputation that a lengthy lawsuit or employment claim might give. It is often the case that the best solution is a quick and fairly painless solution, and this is the benefit of severance negotiation. It can leave both sides intact, and allow both to move forward.

How can Comerford Law Firm help you?

When employees face a problem in their employment situation, especially when they are not sure of the nature or reason for the problem, they are often confused and do not know how to react. This is quite natural, and the first reaction of many is to attempt to file a lawsuit against their employer. While in many cases this may be the correct path, we find that in the majority of cases it is not the best course of action at all. The reason is that most employment problems, while serious and often unfair to the employee, do not rise to the level of being illegal. In such cases filing a lawsuit can be a total waste of time that only results in anxiety, loss of time and money and detriment to future employment for the employee.

We offer consultation services for employees that can help them to understand the nature of their situation and the best options open to them. Our most popular consultation package begins with a phone consultation to determine whether severance negotiation is in fact the best option. This is often very comforting to the employee as it clears up much of the confusion surrounding their position and helps them to understand where they stand in relation to their present employment situation.

Once we have cleared up their options, if we agree that severance negotiation is the better path, we offer a flat-rate package beginning for as little as $500 in which we first go over their individual employment situation including factors such as length of time worked, present salary, responsibilities and title, and we work out what might be a reasonable proposal to present to their employer for a hopefully amicable severance package. It must be understood that in most at-will employment situations an employer has no responsibility to provide any severance package at all, but it is often the case that when presented in a proper manner, employers are prone to offer such a package in order to facilitate the gentle removal or position change of the employee.

​If you are now experiencing anxiety about some aspect of your employment situation, just give us a call and let's explore, analyze and together determine what the right path to follow for you would be!

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